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Five weeks. No work. Sunshine. Australia. Yes please! 

So early last year I knew the only place I wanted to spend my 30th birthday was Sydney. It's my happy place, I lived there for a year and I can honestly say it was the best year of my life (more about that later)! So my birthday is early December, so it made perfect sense to stay for Christmas and New Years. The best way to end the year! 

My Aussie Adventure started at the Marriott Manchester Airport on a cold Wednesday evening. The hotel was lovely, close enough to the airport and  perfect for a quick overnight stay. What made it even more lovely was the fantastic San Carlo restaurant adjoined to the hotel. The pizza was amazing, one of the best ever! Followed by an early night ready for the morning wake up call. 

Waking up before my alarm (something that always happens when travelling), I quickly got ready, grabbed my luggage and headed to the airport. Flying with Singapore Airlines Business Class meant check in was quick, easy and left time to chill in the lounge. 

The journey from Manchester to Sydney via Singapore was so long! For someone who doesn't really like flying, it wasn't something I was really looking forward to. However the staff on board the plane were fantastic and being able to lie down on the comfy flat bed was amazing. It made the whole journey a lot easier and definitely more bearable. Flying with Singapore Airlines is something I will be doing again! 

Landing in Sydney was the best. The happiness and excitement I felt was just a small taste of what was to come. I was home. 

Gorgeous Sydney Harbour - Feels like home. 

Gorgeous Sydney Harbour - Feels like home. 

Five weeks in my favourite place in the world. Let the adventures begin...